Data & Internet Connectivity

From fixed wireless to fiber and everything in between, WireStar has the solution that will give your home or business the quality, speed, and superior connectivity it requires. No matter where you’re located, we’ll put together a custom-fit solution that will fit your needs.

Residential Data & Internet
Whether you use your home internet connection primarily for leisure or to work remotely, WireStar has a residential solution to meet your unique needs.

Business Data & Internet
We evaluate what you currently have, learn what you need to scale, and work to create a customized solution that will grow with your business.

Our Solutions

Fixed Wireless
Connect users to the internet without terrestrial fiber or cabling.

Fiber provides high bandwidth and stability, fast speeds, and low latency.

Cable is a reliable, widely available choice for your connectivity needs.

WiFi Deployment & Surveying
We plan, design, and deploy your WiFi solution.

Bulk Internet Solutions

Attract tenants to your building with top-notch internet service. We help you select which service is best for your property, and take care of the installation so you can improve the value and appeal of your property.
We offer bulk internet services to:

Are you ready for a custom-fit data & internet connectivity solution?

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