Privacy Policy

Effective January 26th, 2018

Through a subscription based service (“Services”), WireStar is devoted to securing our customers’ Personal Information by displaying our procedures and methodologies in this privacy policy. This includes procedures such as WireStar’s publications, usage, and safety of your Personal Information. This privacy policy will continue to be updated with the latest information by being listed in WireStar’s Terms and Policies page, link. For more info or questions regarding the privacy policy, you can login to the Federal Communications Commision at, and the Federal Trade Commision at

Collection of Information

While subscribing to WireStar Services, WireStar will collect information from you by either straight from you when you transfer information such as purchasing products and/or transactional services online through filling out payment forms, using apps that use access of location, configuring settings from cloud-based services, third-party interactions, and sending emails and attachments. In the event that WireStar decides to sell their assets that involve storing personal information, WireStar may either transfer or merge personal information with information that is considered identifiable to our individual customers, which is obtained from third-parties to suit our customers with improved Services that would be more applicable. In addition, WireStar may release your personal, and other information collected, to other entities (or by you) for reasons such as federal law authorities requesting information, business related activities for our Services, updating your information, or for other purposes. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT WIRESTAR WILL COLLECT AND STORE ALL THE INFORMATION WE NEED FROM YOU WHILE YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED TO OUR SERVICE AND AFTER SERVICE HAS BEEN TERMINATED. IT IS YOUR DUTY TO REQUEST AN ELIMINATION OF INFORMATION ONLY AFTER YOUR INFORMATION IS NOT NEEDED FOR ANY PAYMENT, TAX, BUSINESS OR LEGAL PURPOSES.

Protection of Information

WireStar protects your personal information through protection technologies such as electronic security features, encryption and physical security mechanisms. WireStar does not guarantee that these security measures will protect your information from unsanctioned access that may use and release personal information.

Types of Information

Personal Information – WireStar will collect personal information from you that can represent and identify you through the usage of Services. The Personal Information we receive, given from you, are items such as your service and billing addresses, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, telephone numbers, social security numbers, driver’s license number, and other related personal information that can be used to correctly identify you. Your personal information will also be used for the use of our Services, display personalized content to you, follow up on your questions, optimize our website, Services and other applications for the reasons you have provided the information as well as using our legal rights such as the service agreements you abide by in order to receive Service(s).

Non-Personal Information – WireStar will gather information that cannot be used to correctly identify you such as internet trafficking information, IP addresses and/or domain names of users visiting our website, internet usages, and other related information. However, if need be, this information can be labeled as personal information in the event that this information is included with information that can be used to identify you.

Use of Information

WireStar understands your information is valuable, when giving your information to other businesses for reasons such as outsourcing, television programming, programming statistical data, advertisements, WireStar will inhibit the entity’s use of your information only to the reasons in which WireStar desires such as improving our Services to provide material that is relevant to you and any other reason not authorized by WireStar will be prohibited to the third-party.

Information that is not identifiable to you may be used and shared freely for any reason by WireStar to other third-parties, WireStar’s affiliates, and advertising or market firms. Third-parties outside of WireStar may use your information gathered from your use of our Services for reasons such as data relating to popularity of programming channels, custom advertisements that suit your experiences while using our Services, and trend analyses.

Government Enforcement of Law – WireStar may release personal identification information about you to comply with the legal process of requirements from federal law. In such an event, WireStar may be ordered by law to release your personal identity information about you and without notifying you. There are other instances in which there are lawful legal requests for the releasing of your information, you may be notified and you may choose to take legal action to prevent the release of your information. In addition, information about you may be released without sanction for emergencies, protection of customers, employees, and/or property, and to use our rights in court, or with you directly, for violations of service terms, policies, and the term conditions. Enforcement agencies of the Law may install a device that monitors usage of your internet service, this includes email addresses and other forms of online communications and its content. Furthermore, Law enforcement may obtain call history listings with content attached and obtain usage of the telephone service.

Evaluation of Credit – WireStar may evaluate your credit standing with credit reporting agencies and incorporate your personal and financial information, which includes your social security number, to comply with the agencies in order to collect the desired information from such agencies.

Internet Services – For Internet Services, WireStar collects usage-based information from you such as bandwidth usage, IP address(es), MAC addresses of equipment provided for Service, performance data, types of browsers, Internet resource requests, and times of access. This information may be labeled as personal information if you use websites that use your personal information or have downloaded items that also use your personal information. For the protection of you and WireStar, WireStar uses security software to examine online communications such as email traffic being sent or received by you in order to check for toxic messages that can hurt your computer and network. WireStar has no obligation or intent to release the material of your email messages to anyone except for reasons such as emergencies, support, repairs/maintenence, and unlawful material.

WireStar may also collect your information via internet cookies, web beacons, and other monitoring programs for reasons such as your usage of the Service, how many times you visit a web page, which web pages you are visiting and other information. WireStar uses these tools to personalize your service and enhance your experiences when using our Service. You as a customer have the choice to disable monitoring programs by modifying your web browser settings, though the monitoring systems used by WireStar will still be enabled while the programs not used by WireStar will be disabled.

In regarding third-party websites and other internet services, WireStar suggests to research their terms policies of such sites and take careful precaution of sites you are not comfortable with as we have no affiliation with such websites. In addition, you are advised to supervise and administer your child’s use of the Service as they may disclose personal information about them  or anyone they know over to such third party websites. WireStar is required by law to report any evidence or information that arises in regards to violations of laws related to child exploitation.

Cable Television Services – Personal information will be collected for the use of cable television services such as applications utilizing video-on-demand, pay-per-view, or any other application that requires personal information for billing, television programming, and other personal related information. Furthermore, WireStar may gather information that cannot identify you or anyone else such as popularity among shows, number of people attending the program, and the weighted sum of usage of the system settings and features users use that can eventually start recommending customized options for you. WireStar will by default, unless requested, not obtain your personal information that is not needed for billing, providing service to you, or to check for unapproved interruptions, with your sanction or as requested by law.

Voice Services – In using telephone services, WireStar will collect information regarding the telephone’s type, location, configuration, quantity, specifications, and amount of usage along with your Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) such as your name, address, and telephone number. Your CPNI shall only be used as instructed by law , authorized by you, and as needed for other services such as emergency 911/E911 services, billing services, or collecting services that are essential in the provisioning of the communications service. WireStar also uses your CPNI to protect you, your users, and other service providers from illegal use and fraud of the subscription of services and other services that you may have already signed up for. In terms of CallerID, E911, and directory services, WireStar may release your personal information to the related parties for reasons such as CallerID, 911/E911 services, voicemail services, and directory listing services. Customer has the choice, for a fee, to not publish their information in any kind of directory and/or directory services. We do not guarantee your information will be non-published as your information may still be published by a directory service.

Home Security Services – For home security systems and depending on the type of security service, WireStar may collect data such as stored recordings of security cameras, audio from the cameras and/or microphones, location of services for emergency responders, and algorithmic software notifications for features such as detection of movement or door opening detection features that will be sent to you for your convenience. Employees of WireStar have access to your recorded videos and will only be used for reasons such as emergencies, repairs/maintenence , installation of the camera’s viewing angles, and troubleshooting diagnostics. Emergency situations are to be determined by WireStar in using your camera recordings and/or live feed.

Advertisements and Marketing – WireStar will use and share your information to offer you advertisements such as services, goods, or television programming and programming statistical data that are tailored to you by your personal interests obtained from the usage of Services. We will also use this information to improve our Services to make material more relevant to you. In addition, your information will be used and shared among our affiliates and/or partners for the purpose of marketing. However, you have the choice to limit these such uses. On the other hand, federal law authorizes WireStar to release certain personal information about you such as your name and address, which is shared among other entities that are not affiliated with us for reasons such as a “mailing list” or other uses that may or may not relate to you and the Services you use. Your viewing material and any transactional services you use will not be used for the uses of such entities. You also have the choice to oppose such uses by objecting these uses in advance. WireStar may conduct business with advertising companies of the third-party who may use web beacons, cookies, or other monitoring programs that will be used to either provide certain advertisements to you or to deliver custom fit online advertisements for its goods and services. Personal information from you will remain personal and private to third-party advertisement companies.